Consultation with an allergist

What is an allergist?

An allergist is a certified doctor who specialises in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various allergic diseases.

Service process

The following allergist consultations are available at the clinic:

Consult an allergist to confirm the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan
If you have consulted a specialist (GP, otolaryngologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, etc.) with observations of health problems and complaints, you have been examined and advised to consult an allergist because you suspect you have an allergic condition.

Preventive allergy check-up
Allergies of all kinds are not uncommon nowadays. Allergies are caused by immune system disorders and can affect different organ systems. Unfortunately, in most cases allergies cannot be cured, but there is every opportunity to detect them at an early stage, limit or prevent their effects and apply more effective treatments. Allergy advice is recommended if the following allergic complaints are observed:

If you suspect an allergy, it is important to see an allergist early to identify the allergy trigger. By recognising it, it is possible to avoid or reduce allergy symptoms in time, significantly improving your quality of life.

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Consultation with an allergist