Consultation with an internist

What is an internist?

An internist is a doctor who specialises in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of general diseases of the internal organs.

Service process

The clinic provides the following internist consultations and services:

Consult an internist to confirm your diagnosis and develop a treatment plan
If you have consulted a specialist (family doctor, etc.) about a health problem and have been examined and advised to consult an internist.

Consultation is also advisable if, after seeing several doctors from different specialties, there is still confusion about the diagnosis and a lack of consensus.

Second opinion
If you have a diagnosis and a treatment plan, but need a second opinion. Most often if the diagnosis has been made and a treatment plan has been drawn up by your GP and you want to check the diagnosis or the treatment you have chosen.

Preventive check-up by an internist
Preventive consultation by an internist is recommended if you experience any of the following health problems (please note that the symptoms listed may also be indicative of diseases of other organ systems, so it is advisable to consult your family doctor beforehand):

Consultation is also recommended for faster recovery after surgery, trauma, etc. etc.

Internal Medicine Patient Monitoring and Dynamic Monitoring
Recommended if you have been hospitalised for an internal medicine condition and need comprehensive monitoring after discharge. It is also recommended if you have several diseases or complications at the same time and receive combinations of different medicines that may interact with each other.

Take care of your health early and don’t wait for unpleasant symptoms to interfere with your daily routine!

Book an appointment with an internist for a preventive health check-up, early diagnosis of potential problems and recommendations tailored to you to live longer in good health!

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Consultation with an internist