What is a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is a certified medical specialist who works with patients on preventive measures and in cases of various illnesses and injuries.

Service process

The following physiotherapy services are provided at the clinic:

Consult a physiotherapist
A physiotherapist is recommended for rehabilitation after surgery or injury; to improve general health if you have certain conditions, especially cardiovascular conditions (after stroke, heart attack; high or low blood pressure), respiratory conditions including bronchial asthma, digestive or endocrine conditions such as diabetes mellitus. A physiotherapist is also recommended if you have:

Therapeutic exercise: individual session (30 min or 60 min)
The aim of individual therapeutic exercise sessions is to provide physical activity that is suitable for your condition, does not harm it and improves your overall well-being in the event of illness or injury. Personalised Nordic therapy is targeted at a specific health problem to prevent and correct it, reduce pain and/or tension in specific parts of the body, strengthen musculature and promote mobility in specific parts of the body.

Therapeutic exercise: group class (30 min or 60 min)
A therapeutic exercise group class is designed for a specific group of patients who have similar health conditions, such as limited exercise capacity related to a specific cardiovascular or respiratory disease. The activities in the class both train the relevant organ system in a controlled way and improve overall well-being. Classes can be tailored to address a specific area of the body, for example, for patients with back pain, the activities in the class focus on reducing tension in specific areas by exercising them and activating deep muscles. Group exercise can not only improve physical health, but also provide the added benefit of meeting other people with similar health problems, emotional support and encouragement.

Therapeutic taping
Therapeutic taping is a modern, non-medicated therapy method in physiotherapy that effectively helps to reduce pain and body discomfort of different origins and to promote recovery. Teipotation can be used to treat a wide range of health problems. It is chosen by an experienced physiotherapist according to the patient’s needs. The most common goals of therapeutic hair removal are:

Massage: general, specific area, sports massage
Massage is a set of sequential techniques of a specific strength, amplitude and rhythm used by a physiotherapist to stimulate the whole body or specific parts of the body in a targeted way that produces a beneficial response in the body. During the massage, muscles and other soft tissues are targeted to reduce pain and tension or, conversely, to invigorate the body. Depending on the purpose of the massage and the physiotherapist’s recommendations, our specialists perform a variety of massages, including general massage or massage of a specific area (neck and chest; shoulders; back; lumbar and sacral; arms or legs). The type of massage you choose depends on the length of the treatment – massages last from 25 to 60 minutes.

Don’t wait for pain, mobility problems or tight muscles to start limiting your daily life!

Book a consultation with a physiotherapist to check the condition of your skeleton and musculature, and to identify muscle weaknesses early. Your physiotherapist will give you personalised advice on how to stay physically active and improve your well-being, so you can live longer in good health!

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