Ultrasonography (USG)

What is an ultrasonography (USG) scan?

Ultrasonography is a diagnostic test that uses high-frequency sound waves, or ultrasound, to produce images of various organ and soft tissue structures. The examination is safe, painless and harmless. It does not emit radiation and gives detailed and fast information about the body part to be examined.

The clinic uses the most modern Philips
EPIQ Elite” ultrasound scanners with the latest generation probes and software, which guarantee excellent image quality and, as a result, a high and accurate examination quality, enabling the treating physician to choose the most appropriate and effective therapy.

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What ultrasonography tests are available?

When should I have an ultrasound scan?

Ultrasonographic Diagnosis is needed in different cases and its use may depend on your condition or the symptoms your doctor wants to investigate. Most often by the doctor or specialist treating you means an examination to obtain further information or to confirm a diagnosis.

Ultrasonography is used, for example, in cases where:

as well as

Ultrasonography can also be performed as a preventive measure and does not require a special referral from a doctor.

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Ultrasonography (USG)