Consultation with a cardiologist

What is a cardiologist?

Cardiologist – A doctor who specialises in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Service process

The following cardiology consultations and services are provided at the clinic:

Consultation with a cardiologist to confirm the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan

If, after seeing a specialist (GP, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, etc.) with a complaint, you have had tests and the specialist has advised you to consult a cardiologist because they suspect cardiovascular disease.

Cardiac patient monitoring and dynamic surveillance

If you are admitted to hospital with a heart or vascular problem and need further follow-up by a cardiologist after discharge.

If you have undergone cardiac or vascular surgery or manipulation and need further treatment or rehabilitation.

If you have a chronic cardiovascular disease and need regular monitoring, including assessment and adjustment of your drug therapy.

Additional expert opinion

If you have a diagnosis and a treatment plan, but need further specialist advice ( second opinion). Most often, if you have been diagnosed and a treatment plan has been set up by your GP, and you want to check the diagnosis or the treatment you have chosen.

Preventive heart health check

If you have health problems that may be related to your heart health and may be hereditary (if a family member has a history of congenital heart disease or your GP suspects congenital or acquired heart disease or failure) or a lifestyle that is not conducive to heart health (fast-paced lifestyle, stress, sedentary lifestyle, inadequate diet, harmful habits that can lead to heart or vascular disease) and a cardiologist is needed to identify possible heart health problems early and to start appropriate preventive measures or treatment.

A preventive consultation is recommended if any of these health problems are observed:

Take care of your heart early and don’t wait for it to show!

Book an appointment with a cardiologist for a preventive heart health check-up or early diagnosis of heart problems and get personalised recommendations on how to live longer in good health!

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Consultation with a cardiologist