Consultation with a pulmonologist

Who is a pneumonologist?

A pulmonologist (formerly pulmonologist) is a certified doctor who specialises in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system.

Service process

The following pneumonologist consultations are provided at the clinic:

Consult a pulmonologist to confirm the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan
If you have consulted a specialist (family doctor, cardiologist, etc.) with observations of health problems and complaints, you have been examined and advised to consult a pulmonologist because you suspect a disease of the respiratory system.

Respiratory patient monitoring and dynamic surveillance
If you have been hospitalised with a respiratory problem and need further follow-up by a pulmonologist after discharge from hospital. If you have recurrent bronchitis or pneumonia within one year, this requires regular monitoring, including assessment and adjustment of drug therapy.

Second opinion
If you have a diagnosis and a treatment plan but need further specialist advice (second opinion). Most often, if the diagnosis has been made and a treatment plan has been drawn up by your GP and you want to check the diagnosis or the treatment you have chosen.

Preventive check-up by a pulmonologist
If you are experiencing health problems that may be related to respiratory diseases, or if your lifestyle, such as long-term smoking, requires a consultation with a pulmonologist to identify possible respiratory diseases early and start appropriate preventive measures or treatment. A preventive pneumonologist consultation is recommended if any of the above health problems are observed (note that the symptoms listed may also be indicative of diseases of other organ systems, so it is advisable to consult your family doctor beforehand):

Take care of your health early and don’t wait until shortness of breath, a painful coughing attack or other respiratory problems delay your planned routine!

Make an appointment with a pulmonologist for a preventive check-up or early diagnosis of a respiratory problem, and get recommendations or a treatment plan to help you breathe fully!

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Consultation with a pulmonologist