Psychological counselling

Psychological counselling

Psychologist is a specialist who has a master’s degree in psychology, is registered in the Register of Psychologists and whose professional activity is regulated by the Law on Psychologists. Psychologists carry out their professional activities based on the theoretical and empirical principles of the science of psychology, on various human emotional, behavioural and thought processes, using a variety of scientifically based and practice-tested methods, techniques and tools.

Service process

The clinic provides the following psychological counselling and services

Individual psychological counselling

Individual psychological counselling is your voluntary cooperation with a psychologist. During the session, the psychologist identifies and understands your current problem and difficulties, as well as the barriers and resources to resolving the problem, facilitating improvements in behaviour and overall psycho-emotional well-being. Together with the psychologist, you will set a counselling goal and the psychologist will develop a counselling strategy based on this goal.

Group psychological counselling

Group counselling is most often focused on solving a specific situation that concerns all the group members. It includes behavioural and thinking adjustment, emotion regulation and personal development. Group counselling is also used to address specific psychological problems and reduce symptoms or disorders. Participation and cooperation in the group is voluntary.


Psychodiagnostics, or psychological assessment (research), is the study of personality, emotional functioning and cognitive abilities using scientifically valid methods and tests. You will receive feedback on the psychological research carried out. On request an opinion on the results of the psychological examination is drawn up in accordance with the purpose of the psychological examination. The Latvian Clinical Personality Test can be used to comprehensively and objectively assess the intensity of symptoms, personality traits, functioning difficulties and social adjustment in adults.

For a fulfilling life, take care of your psychological health too!

See a psychologist to boost your self-growth, tap into your inner resources and understand your emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

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Psychological counselling