Zane Šnore


Provides consultations with an internist - first-time or repeated (dynamic follow-up) assessment of the patient's health status in acute and chronic diseases, development of an examination plan, interpretation of results, prescription of therapy, evaluation of the effect of therapy.

Work hours:

Find out about opening times and availability by contacting 60007701 or

P.-Pk. 8:00-20:00

Se. 10:00-15:00

Sv. Closed

Find out about opening times and availability by contacting 60007701 or


Latvian, English, Russian

Services provided:


  • Postgraduate Institute - specialist in internal medicine, Riga Stradiņš University (LMA) [1997 – 1999]
  • Doctor's degree, Riga Stradiņš University (LMA) [1991 – 1997]
  • Re-qualification as an emergency medicine doctor (900 hrs.), passed the European Soc. Foundation [2010 - 2011]
  • Postgraduate training in electrocardiography (273 hrs.), passed examination in Riga NMP, Latvian Association of Emergency and Disaster Medicine [1997]
  • Advanced clinical ECG course (80st.), passed exam at RSU [2019]

Work experience:

  • Certified Internist, Emergency Medicine Doctor Paula Stradiņš KUS Emergency Medicine Centre [2010 – pašlaik]
  • Certified internist at Riga 1st Hospital, Ltd. in the admission and cardiology departments [1998-2009]
  • Associate Professor RSU SK Medical College [2018 – pašlaik]
  • Lecturer RSU SK Medical College [1998-2018]
  • Lecturer Latvian Life Saving Association "" [2022 – pašlaik]

Membership of organisations:

  • Latvian Medical Association
  • Latvian Society of Internists
  • Gundega filistre of the LU Student Corporation [1991 – pašlaik]